Last time we met here I told you all about the new SS2016 collection, RAINFOREST. Now that it has already launched, it seems like the perfect time to admit that the rainforest’s influence on me didn’t just stop there. I am simply in love with its colors and textures – even when they appear on clothing items, party decorations and especially when they enter into the home. After all, what could be more perfect than a trend that has the power to make anyone who steps into your house feel like they are on an exotic vacation in the rainforest?


That’s why I thought it might be a good idea to examine the trend here and basically offer three easy & inexpensive ways to incorporate it even in the most urban of homes.
אז רגע לפני שמתחילים, ככה, אם תהיתם, נראה חדר אמבטיה בבית שממוקם בלב יער גשם אמיתי. מעורר השראה לא?

So before we begin, just thought you should check out what a real rainforest bathroom looks like. Inspirational right?


Design Swan


#1 Wallpapers
Even though the rainforest/tropical trend has been really noticeable these last couple of years, make no mistake, it isn’t new at all. In fact, one of the most iconic Hollywood elements is the Hinson & Co banana leaves wallpaper, decorating the Beverly Hills Hotel walls. The wallpaper called Martinique Wallpaper™ has served as a backdrop for hundreds and thousands of Hollywood stars and it is still decorating the hotel’s dining room. So if you happen to be planning a trip to California this summer (and why wouldn’t you be?) it is well worth it to stop by, take a pic with the gorgeous wallpaper in the background and feel like movie stars.
agent of style
Today’s wallpapers are slightly different though and come in a vast array of leaf types, sizes and even colors, not just in obvious green shades. If you feel like incorporating one of them in your own private space, remember that large, dominant leaves can add lots of character to minimalistic homes, but create a sense of clutter in busier home decors. Scared of hanging such a dominant print in your living room? Fear not, they also look great in bathrooms.


A wallpaper with smaller elements and lighter shades can also create a nice atmosphere, but should be incorporated with larger, more present furniture and light fixtures, to create a more eclectic look and feel.
Keep in mind that your wallpaper doesn’t have to include a leafy print to give your home a touch of rainforest magic. You can opt for more unique wallpapers with birds, branches or even an entire jungle scene, like this magnificent Hermès wallpaper.
If you’re looking to add just a touch of rainforest, one you can easily hang in your home and just as easily remove, you most defiantly can do that using picture frames, which can frame images, illustrations or even wallpaper patterns. is a great source of lovely botanical illustration, either framed or frameless, like the ones you can find here.

#2 Textiles
From light and airy mosquito nets hanging over a bed, through natural fabric curtains and bed sheets with banana leaves and bold colored tropical flowers print, textiles are a great way to introduce rainforest coolness into your home.

#3 Plants
The easiest, most convenient way to adopt the trend is through plants. All you need to keep in mind is the area’s indigenous greenery, mainly different kinds of ferns and palms. Here’s a list you can use for that:
And of course, don’t forget to find the perfect pot for your perfect rainforest plant.


So what does your home look like? Have you started to introduce touches of green to it? Maybe you are thinking about having major work done to it and want to consult with me? Whatever the case, I’m here as always and would love to hear from you.
In the meantime, you are more than welcome to check out my new Pinterest board including all the ideas and inspiration for what you’ve just read.