I can’t recall when I first realized I have a thing for beautiful things.
I mean, I always made sure to arrange my crayons in the right color order, or spent half a class drawing a nice headline instead of copying from the board and even today- I spend twice as long making the greeting card as it took me to choose the gift.
But when did it become the center of my life?
When I was 11 I visited an exhibition in a design academy in Jerusalem. I think it was then that I decided (not knowing it would mean 4 years with no sleep) to study design.
As a teenager I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer and drove the bus to the big city once a week for a sewing class. But when it was actually time to decide, I found myself on the way to the faculty of  Architecture. In the last minute I changed my mind and ended up studying Industrial design, not before I spent a year studying interior design. But it’s not over, because…
Eventually, after graduating, I realized that my true passion is for jewelry and accessories, and established my own line.
Even today, I still don’t know what I want to become when I grow up. The thing is, that today- I know it doesn’t really matter.
I just know that I love beautiful things.
This blog is the place to present all the things that I love- The things which enrich my world and inspire my work. It will include design, fashion, art and even some architecture. So if you also love beautiful things- this is the place for you.


Now and then. Photo on the left by Leah Chesnokov for TheMarker Woman