When I begin to design a new collection, my inspiration comes from many aspects: design, fashion, culture, different styles, scenery. This season, I was captivated by the magic of tribal essence in a northern kingdom surrounded by icebergs.

In my mind, I envisioned the fierce tribal woman wearing furs and running around in messy hair and woven braids and she became the muse of the collection.

The Nordic essence inspires many fields. We can see its effect mainly in the home decor area. The Nordic design style, minimalistic design with clean lines and monochromatic tones, is very common nowadays.

I drew the same inspiration for my new collection: wide use of light shades such as ice blue, light gray and white which reflects the snowy landscapes and the cool mountain air, and jewelry full of graphic shapes, textures, and layers which characterize the Nordic tribes’ clothes.

After I finished designing the collection I started thinking about how to shoot it. So I set down with my team and we wondered what was the best way to embody the tribal woman in our catalog. We decided to go for total white look, white clothes, many layers, and furs. The model’s makeup was done in icy tones and the hair, same as the tribal woman, was messy and woven with braids.

Materials such as silicon beads, natural stone beads, crystals, and fringes were combined with metals in gold and silver finish.

I chose to express two of the hottest trends of the season in this collection – coin jewelry and layered necklaces.

Well, this is the collection, now it’s your time to take a look.

I hope you’ll fall in love with it the same way I did.

And if you do, please tag me on Instagram to spark up my day.