Here it comes again, the day when my alarm rings at five o’clock in the morning, and I jump out of bed, excited in every bone in my body.
After months of hard work, the new collection is finally ready, and waiting to be photographed. From a general idea, through countless trials and changes, dozen of new items were born, waiting to get out to the world.
Behind the scenes
Usually, when I choose a theme for the collection, I’ve already been imagining how would it be photographed; How would the atmosphere be on the set, what the model would look like and how would the photos be styled. This is actually my muse, an aesthetic idea, that sits in my mind throughout the work process and dictates the directions I choose.
Behind the scenes
Time and time again, I come with an abstract concept, and face the challenge of making this dream turn to reality. Luckily, I have my staff with me, that knows me well- Ziv Sade, the photographer and Inbal Masas, a makeup artist and hairstylist. We’ve been working together from my very first catalog and through the years, we’ve gotten to know each other so well that we’re able to speak in the same artistic language. I merely need to tell them about my concept for the shoot, or the atmosphere I want to create, and they’ll figure out a way to make things work.
Behind the scenes


The new collection was inspired by the world of astronomy and space. This time, I came to the photoshoot with a goal, to create a feeling as if the model floats in space, or at least photographed against skies full of glowing stars – as if the scene was taken out of a dream. The one to come with a brilliant idea was Or Kaplan, the talented photographer who created a lovely video you will see soon. Or suggested that we’d pierce the dark paper we used for background and place a spot light behind it. The light that came through the holes turned, in Ziv’s skilled hands, into beautiful stars.
 Horizon Jewelry
Horizon Necklace
Fay Ring , Terra Ring

Besides the effect created by the holes, Ziv incorporated different accessories that helped to create special effects, like- a sparkler that was blazed, different kinds of confetti that were thrown up in the air and a variety of materials, that got smeared on the lens to create a misty, dreamy look- just like I wanted.

For this magical look, Yuval Peretz, the beautiful model that I chose, fitted perfectly. One of the most exciting things for me during this day is to see, for the first time, how the items look when worn by someone else. Obviously, when you have the perfect model, who wears beautiful clothes, everything looks absolutely amazing; and sometimes the items manage to surprise even myself…
 Star Dust Earrings | Star Dust Necklace | Wide Star Dust Bracelet
The video that Or Kaplan filmed and edited captures the magic we experienced that day, and I hope this magic is reflected from the catalog.

Click to watch the video.This is also an opportunity for me to thank my wonderful staff – Ziv, Inbal, Or and Yuval and also Dalit, Alon & Dor from my studio, who helped me turn the dream into reality.

And now, a few words about the collection itself:
As I’ve said earlier, the collection was inspired by the world of astronomy and space.
You can find items inspired by star maps, planets’ orbits and celestial bodies, as well as items inspired by astronomical drawings, satellites and space shuttles.
Wide Star Dust Bracelet
Orion Earrings
Through the design process, I tried to keep the clean, geometric style that I love so much, and with that tried to express contemporary trends from the jewelry world, including ear cuffs that climb up the ear and a variety of rings that can be stacked for a trendier look.


As always, all the jewelry pieces are made of brass plated in gold or silver, and this time I incorporated Swarovski stones in shades of black, gray and white, to add a spark to the jewelry, inspired by the beautiful stellar night.
Sputnik Earrings


Star Dust Necklace
That’s it, the collection is out! all the items are being uploaded to our website and Facebook page and most of them are already in stores.
Now I’m waiting for the most important thing – You.
I hope you’ll love the new collection, just as much as you’ve loved the previous ones, and maybe even more.