This month I launched my new shoe collection for this summer. It is the 9th shoe collection I’m designing, and each one is a small dream-come-true for me.

Most people know me as a jewelry designer, but originally I’m an industrial designer, and basically – a person who finds it difficult to decide what field of design she finds most intriguing. I started studying industrial design (or product design) after enrolling to architecture studies and changing my mind at the last minute. I already knew at that point that I want to design product that have a connection to fashion. At my third year of design school I got the opportunity to study one semester in Buenos Aires university and to specialize in shoe design.

It was a fantastic period of my life, in a unique city which left me with many great memories. The fact that I speak Spanish helped me get along and learn many new things.

My friends and I, at the shoe design workshop

During the course, we learn how to design the shoe, make the pattern and choose the right sole, heel, and body. for my final project I design a shoe collection which connect eastern traditional apparel with western modern streetwear. I even created a pair with the help of a local shoemaker. I dreamed of designing my own shoe line one day, but never imagined it would actually be possible.

But, after a few years of designing jewelry, and when my brand grew and evolved, I found myself fulfilling the shoe design dream and designing the first collection for my brand, with a shoe manufacturer in china which agreed to work with me on my design and to produce in relatively small quantities. I worked with this manufacturer in the years that followed, traveling to china every year with my designs, until I became a mom and the long trips became too difficult for me.

After taking a break from designing shoes, I recently started working with a local manufacturer here in Israel.


Apart from more quality time with my daughter, I got the opportunity to support the local industry and produce high quality leather shoes.

The production costs are now higher, but I decided to keep the prices for the shoes as close as possible to the ones my customers got used to, and profit a bit less – but sell a product which I believe is fantastic.

Becky flats from winter 2017 collectionIn the design of my shoe collection I try to emphasize the values of my brand and to use materials and styles I would like to wear myself.

The new collection that was just launched (you can see it here) focuses on combination of textures and materials, in different shapes and forms. It incorporates suede, colored leather and metallic leather, which is very trendy at the moment.

Apart from the shoes – we have a new collection of handbags which I design – check it out here!