A minute before a new collection is being released into our stores, we always make sure that our window display is designed with the same concept of the collection.

I already told you here about the paper cactuses we made for the store windows, and now you can also see the small video we made while decorating.

Since then, not a day goes by without someone entering the store, asking to buy them. So, no, currently they are not for sale, but Adi who made them, wrote a DIY post so you could make one for yourself.

Here are the tools and materials you are going to need:

1. Green paper, or any other color you want, cut into 8 equal pieces. (mine were cut to 9×30 c”m | 3.5×11.8 inches).

2. Cardboard or any thick paper that would be a stencil (mine was cut to 5×30 cm | 1.9×11.8 inches).

3. A faux flower.

4. Sand or gravel for the “planting” – not a must.

5. Golden vinyl or a wallpaper in any color you want for decorating the planter.

6. A planter.

7. Hot glue gun (you can also use any other type of glue).

8. scissors.

9. Utility knife.

10. A pencil.

11. A ruler.


And now – get to work:

  1. Fold all the paper pieces in half, vertically.


2. Making the stencil:

  1. Draw the stencil on the cardboard using a ruler or just your hand. The stencil should be the silhouette of half of the final cactus. You can use the patterns we made here. Note that if you want the cactus to sit properly in the planter, the width of the stencil base should be no more than half of the diameter of the planter base. For example – the inner diameter of my planter base is 7 cm. so my stencil base width was no more than 3.5 cm.
  2. Cut it with a utility knife.


3. Copying and cutting:

  1.  Copy the stencil to the papers. Notice that the straight part of the stencil is congruent to the folded end of the paper.
  2. Cut it with scissors according to the lines.


4. Gluing:

  1. Glue the cut papers to each other with the hot glue. Put a thin line of glue on the folded end and attach folding to folding until it’s dry. Repeat with every piece of paper. If you don’t have hot glue you can use any other glue in the same way and use clothespins to stabilize it until it’s dry.
  2. After all the papers are attached, bring together the two farthest papers and glue them in the same way to complete the cactus.
  3. Glue the faux flower to the head of the cactus.


5. Decorating the planter:

Decorate your planter as you wish! I cut golden triangles from a golden vinyl sticker and paste it close to the edge of the planter.


6. “Planting”

  1. Stabilize the cactus with glue to base of the planter.
  2. Fill the planter with sand or gravel (not a must). If you have holes in your planter base, cover them before you glue the cactus to the base so the sand won’t be spilled.

That’s it, your cactus is ready!

I hope it wasn’t too hard, I just made 50 of them so I’m quite skilled already 🙂

Happy Cinco de Mayo if you are celebrating.




Just another small thing for the cactus lovers (yes, we got addicted to this trend, we admit)  – We have a new cactus postcard series and you can order all four of them, or just one, here.