Like I haven’t been giving you enough dosage of Rainforest magic lately, today I would really like to write about the color green.
If you had asked me about my favorite colors before designing the new collection, green wouldn’t even make it to the top 5. Mint and aqua sure, but a deep, real green? No thanks, not for me.
And yet recently I’ve been looking at it from a whole different perspective…


French Voguettes


I’ve suddenly realized that green has a true presence and can definitely hold its own as an evening dress color, not to mention the fact that no one can really ignore a total green look.


Elie Saab on Indulgy.comKendall Jenner on Daily Mail UK
I even decided to wear green (or rather olive) myself to my recent new collection press launch.
  Me wearing Eco Earrings and Amazonas Long Necklace
And I haven’t been taking notice of it in fashion alone, I’ve suddenly realized that the verdant shade’s presence is just as strong in interior design. If you feel like you have the courage to go green all the way, you will definitely gain a unique & dramatic, yet also pleasant and captivating look to your home.


Ingrid Jansen on Flicker


I have no problem admitting that I am usually less drawn to dramatic colors, as I’m sure you all know by now, but ever since I fell in love with rain forests, my home walls are just yearning for some pine green.




Jonas Ingerstedt Photography
Arch Zine


A New Wall
Now a green floor is a bit too much for my personal taste, but I do really like it at other people’s homes.
Apartment Therapy


Brooke Holm
For those of you who find too much green a bit disturbing, check out how gorgeous it looks when it comes in small dosages.


Ali Harper Photography
And how much freshness it adds to your favorite culinary treats.
A Glimpse
This collection obviously incorporated lots of unique green shades in different textures and materials.
I also kept in mind those of you who like their jewelry dainty and more subdued and those of you that want their jewelry to lead the way and have loads of presence.
Amazonas Necklace
Village Earrings


Chameleon Bracelet


Seychelles Necklace


Monsoon Earrings


Long Monsoon Necklace
Hope you like my green designs (and the ones in other colors too).
Personally, my summer is going to be all about green.