While we were celebrating Passover here in Israel, others were dancing all night long at Coachella Festival in Palm Springs. Those lucky people got to hear Radiohead, Lady Gaga and many other great artists.

For quite a few years now, this festival is considered as one of the hottest festivals and you can find all the IT girls of the moment there.

Coachella officially opens summer events and if this is the first event of the summer, it looks like it’s gonna be a hot summer…

Photo from Shop Style

It’s true that here in Israel everything is a bit smaller, but we are also expecting some great concerts this summer.

So if you have tickets for a big festival or a concert in the US, Israel or anywhere else, here is some fashionable inspiration for the looks you should adapt.

Photo from Cosmopolitan


Photo from Puravida Bracelets

My springsummer collection is called Palm Springs (I already told you everything about it here), and Coachella girls were a great inspiration for me. That long hair, the flutter fabrics and the jewelry layers were all in my mind while designing the collection.

I was very curious to see the right looks of Coachella 2017. Here are some of the coolest ones:


Paris Hilton in a photo from FameFlynet

Paris Hilton wore boho style with a gypsy twist – lots of colors and textures.

Alessandra Ambrosio in a photo from ZIMBIO

The white crochet was still very popular among the festival girls.

Leonardo Dicaprio in a photo from FameFlynet

But there is no doubt that the best accessory of them all for this festival is Leonardo Dicaprio…

If you are into a few of the hottest trends of the moment, here are some items from my new collection  – Palm Springs.

Live Simple

Festival Necklace

Festival Bracelet

Coachella Bracelet

Tiki Necklace

Tiki Necklace

Tiki Earrings

So as they say in Coachella – we’ll see you there, with flowers in our hair

Have a wonderful summer.