New materials for the next summer collection are already starting to pile up on my desk. A minute before I’m starting to design the jewelry collection for springsummer 2018, I want to tell you everything about the current collection that is being launched on my stores and website right now.

It’s hard to put my finger on how the design process begins each time. Sometimes I have a title, a name, a topic that I choose as my inspiration. Other times it’s a new material or just a general direction and then the name comes at the end of the process.

This season I chose the Memphis Design Group as my inspiration and my starting point. The Memphis trend is here for some time now and this season it felt right.

Sottsass Lamp, Memphis DesignThe Memphis Group was an Italian design group founded in Milan by Ettore Sottsass in the early 80’s. It gathered designers and architects who worked together and designed postmodern objects. They objected to the cold minimalist modern style and created colorful humorist furniture while using geometric black and white patterns.

George Sowden, Memphis Design, Image source: Vintage Esputa

Michele de Lucchi, polar coffee, Memphis Design. Image source: interiEUrites

The group split up in 1987 but its style became popular and widely accepted in the 1990s.


Ettore Sottsass,Carlton Bookcase, Memphis Design. Image source: interiEUrites

Sottsass Lamp, Memphis Design

Memphis designs have been given a lot of interpretation in the last few year. Their colors, their shapes and their patterns have made a comeback in all the design fields.

It’s fascinating to see the various interpretations to the unique Memphis style. I always enjoy seeing the different elements that every designer chooses to emphasize, how much he or she have moved away from the source and how a new and exciting design is being born out of the existent.


Camille Walala. Image source: Little Big Bell

Álvaro Peñalta

Image source: Paper Blog

My starting point was the geometry. I used the geometric shapes and the black and white Memphis patterns and added them my own color palate which is much more delicate and pastel from the Memphis color palate.

Memphis Necklace

Isometric Bracelet

Memphis Bracelet Set

Radian Necklace

The main material in the collection is FORMICA® (besides the brass plated in gold or silver, which uses as the base of the jewelry).

I work with FORMICA® for many years now. I started using it while I was a student in my final project in which I designed jewelry that draws inspiration from furniture.

This season I decided to take the FORMICA® to a new level and ordered custom-made FORMICA® plates from Italy with my own black and white patterns.

This special order caused a lot of panic in my studio since the FORMICA® plates were late to arrive in Israel, and we weren’t sure we will be able to manufacture the collection in time for its launch.

In the end, as always, we made it.

The collection is already available in stores and on my website.

Pop Art Earrings

Movimento Necklace

Radical Necklace

Mendini Bracelet

Pop Art Necklace

After I designed the collection I set with my team to plan the whole experience. Starting from the backgrounds on which the jewelry will be photographed – backgrounds with the same black and white patterns, through the art for the catalog photoshoots which was also based on geometric shapes and black and white patterns, ending with the store’s window display that was also designed in the Memphis spirit.

Martine necklace

Isometric Necklace

That’s it. My part is over.

Now it’s time to see what you’re going to say, whether you’re going to like this collection as much as I like it.

It’s not easy to present something you created to others and wait for their reaction, but I know I’m in good hands.

I am looking forward to running into you in the streets or seeing your tags on Instagram, wearing the new collection and enjoying it.

I’m going to think about the next summer.