International Women’s Day is the perfect timing to put a spotlight on some of the ladies who work here with me and make this place sparkle.

They’re usually busy behind the scenes, making magic in manufacturing, administration, customer service, marketing, international sale and managing our shops.

Every day when they show up to work at our Bauhaus studio, they bring along their own unique touch, creativity, and smile.


So check out this inspiring group of women, their story and their style:

 Maya, 38. She is our Chain Store and Fairs Director, Buyer, Fashion Stylist and works here for 2.5 years.

Shop Maya’s look:


Maya Wears: Long Coin Necklace, Monroe Ring, Nia Ring, Eddie Earrings and Yuli Necklace.



Einat, 34. She is our Production Department Director and works here for four years.

Shop Einat’s look:


Einat wears: Long Paper Plane Necklace, California Ring, Hollow Hexagon Ring, Hollow Circle Ring, Caroline Bracelet and Nia Bracelet.

Liat, 32. She is our Graphic Designer and Rona & Milly’s mom. She works here for 3.5 years.

Shop Liat’s look:

Liat Wears: 25 mm watch with marble and golden mesh strap, Origami Heart Ring, Custom Engraved Signet Ring and Omega Earrings.




Hila R’, 35. She is our Procurement Director in the Pre Production Department. Hila works here for seven years.

Shop Hila’s look:

hila r

Hila Wears: Brancusi Necklace, Malina Earrings, Origami Heart Ring and a Sabina Ring.



Ziv, 21. She is our PR and E-commerce web manager and works here for 10 months.

Shop Ziv’s look:


Ziv Wears: Alexandria Necklace, Small Troy Earrings, Nika Earrings, Contrast Ring, Concept Ring, Brancusi Ring and a Silhouette Ring.


Hila o’, 27. She is our Raw Material Inventory Manager in the Pre Production Department. Hila works here for 5 months.

Shop Hila’s look:


hila u

Hila wears: Tate Ring, Catalonia Bracelet, Imana Necklace, Harley Ring and a 25 mm watch with gold and golden mesh strap.





Sapir, 29. She is a part of our Pre Production department team and works here for 1.5 years.

Shop Sapir’s look:


Sapir wears: Basic Knitted Necklace, Tiny Ray Necklace, Kalimera Earrings and a Contrast Ring.




Talya, 34. She is our Chain Store’s Deputy Director, a theater actress and works here for 2.5 years. 

Shop Talya’s look:


Talya wears: Kalispera Necklace, Snow Circle Earrings and a Solid Gold Thin Ring with a Twist.


Happy International Women’s Day!