I was interviewed lately for Jpost about my own personal story as a business owner and manager to mark this year’s International Women’s Day. I was so happy to get the chance to express how much I truly believe in women’s ability to manage:
“I think that women make excellent managers. Most female managers I know combine professional abilities with the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence that some men lack. The biggest mistake women make is not giving themselves credit and not believing in themselves enough. Those who do believe in themselves succeed big time”.
Just another day in our female-dominated studio
Saying that, I have to say that I also think it is very important to look at this day as an occasion worth celebrating. Sure there is still a lot of work to be done as far as women’s rights go and building up women’s self-appreciation, but there are also amazing achievements and unbelievable opportunities out there, like never before!
So… this year my team and I decided to approach some of the women we love and admire most and offer them the chance to design their own Mantra bracelet (off my upcoming SS 2016 collection) and essentially choose a quote, phrase or saying that they find inspires them in their day to day lives as successful women. Oh, and they also picked what color tassels they wanted. Can’t forget the cuteness factor right?


Mantra bracelets in all their limited edition glory

SS 2016
To top it all off, we decided we wanted 20% of profits from the bracelet’s sale to go to this amazing charity called “The Women’s Courtyard”, which I have been collaborating with for years. The Women’s Courtyard is a unique multicultural, stigma-free framework that provides support and assistance for girls and young women who deal with distress and risk situations.
So cuteness factor, inspiration and philanthropy in check, I would love to introduce you now to the women and share their lovely creations with you. Let’s go.
Laura Gummerman, blogger, band wife and kitten lover The Band Wife
The Band Wife
Laura’s Mantra bracelet – Kind
Writer, style panelist, fashion canada contributor and blogger, Coco & Vera
Coco & Vera
Dafna Lustig, Journalist, Radio anchor and television presenter.
Dafna. Photographer: Eyal Nevo


Dafna’s Mantra bracelet – Having
Shirley Bouganim, International fashion model.
Shirley, Photographer: Goran Ljubuncic
Shirley’s Mantra bracelet – Living
Yael Shoshana Cohen, Lola Marsh lead singer
Yael. Photographer: Sefi Ninio
Yael’s Mantra bracelet – Stars


Roni Kantor, fashion and shoe designer of her own brand.


Roni’s Mantra bracelet – Out There
Luba Shraga, Blogger, Fashion Tails.
Luba. Photographer: Nathan Shraga
Luba’s Mantra bracelet – Today
Bracelet & tattoo, Fashion Tails
Rotem Izak, journalist.
Rotem, Photographer: Ziv Sade
Rotem’s Mantra bracelet – Feminism
Gili Saar, actress, model and musician.
Gili Saar, Photographer: Ronen Fadida
Gili’s Mantra Bracelet – Create
Anaïk (Brittany), French blogger.
Anaïk’s Mantra bracelet – relax
Marie, Textile Designer & French blogger.
Marie’s Mantra bracelet – Petit
So if you feel like contributing to a very good cause in style, you better hurry – these babies are limited edition.
Have a happy International Women’s Day everyone!