I am lucky enough to live in one of the coolest and most interesting cities I know – Tel Aviv.
A vibrant and lively city, full of art, design, fashion and great food.
From time to time I wander around the city thinking to myself how nice it could have been to be a tourist in this city.




Since we are in the middle of our holiday season here in Israel, I decided to put together a small city guide for midtown TLV with a few of my favorite places in the area I live and work in.
Here are my favorite places to dine, shop and wander in midtown:
If you feel like opening your day with a special treat I recommend a breakfast in Hotel Montefiore, where you’ll find great food, beautiful boutique hotel decor, and an international vibe.


Hotel Montefiore
Hotel Montefiore


After breakfast stroll around the streets of the White City towards Shenkin street, where you’ll find many interesting design and fashion shops.
Norman Hotel, Photo from AD Magazine, France


For updated design and perfect style enter Story +,64 Shenkin st.


For a colorful Galabia that will make your heart sing, check out Karen Shavit’s Tov Veyafe shop on 35 Shenkin St.
Karen Shavit
Karen Shavit


You can also find my jewelry here on 35 Shenkin St.
Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design, 35 Shenkin st.
Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design, 35 Shenkin st.
Now that you’ve done some shopping (it’s not a vacation without some shopping), continue towards Hakarmel Market – THE market of Tel Aviv, loud and happy any time of day.
Feeling hungry? You are in the perfect place for lunch.
You can choose some fresh fast food from the market’s stalls or sit at this sweet local restaurant – Gedera 26 (that is also the name and number of the street).


Gedera 26 – Local Bistro


Now continue your tour towards Neve Tzedek, a beautiful serene neighborhood that will make you feel like you are in Paris for a moment.
Check out the chic fashion boutiques, visit my shop on 21 Shabazi Street and don’t miss the special concept store Numero 13 at 13 Shabazi St.


Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design, 21 Shabazi st
Shlomit Ofir Jewelry Design, 21 Shabazi st
Numero 13
If you happen to visit one of my stores this week (Nov. 14-22, 2016) , don’t forget to participate in our contest for a chance  to win 1500 ILS to spend in  my stores.


Shlomit Ofir’s Contest


Finish your day with the sunset on one of the city’s  beautiful beaches. If you still have some energy left, go for a glass of wine in Old Jaffa.
For more ideas on things to do in TLV, visit  my Pinterest.