Today is Mother’s Day in Israel, a perfect chance to write a few words about the most significant woman in my life- my mother.
 I am the youngest in family of four siblings. There is a 10 year gap between my brothers and me and I have always been the baby of  our family, even when I was no longer a baby anymore. Most of my childhood I grew up as the single child at home, and my relationship with my mother became very close.

My mom is an inspirational woman. She maintained several successful careers throughout her life – Teacher, culture chief, Kibbutz leader, newspaper editor, educational computer trainer and head of education staff. In al of them she was always in the lead, with a lot of drive and talent.

 My mom taught me how to sew, crochet, paint and craft. When I was a child I used to admire her high heels, make up and jewelry and got my first stye lessons. She taught me to believe in myself, but mostly – believed in me. Taught me to take responsibility for my actions and how to work hard to fulfill my dreams, but most important – dare to dream them. She was by my side from the first piece of jewelry I designed, and to this day.
As I became a mother myself, my mom became a significant part of my everyday, all over again, with the time she spends with Lily. Her almost daily assistance enables me to continue developing my business, while providing Lily with tons of quality time with a loving and devoting grandma. As if all that is not enough, she also finds time to leave me house spotless, with the laundry folded and fresh flowers in the vase.
These  days, I’m learning from my mother how to become a mother myself, and I know that just like her I want my child to grow up to be happy, loved and to have faith in herself – even only because I have faith in her.
Mom- thank you  ❤︎

(And I also have an amazing father but that’s for another post).