I’m not a great believer in signs, miracles or faith. That’s the kind of person I am – realistic.

But there was one event during my career that managed to change my perception entirely.

For many years now, my customers have been asking me to design watches. I’ve always wanted to, but never went for it since I felt it is a product you need to understand technically, manufacture with a company you can trust and give your customers a reliable product and great service, and I didn’t want to compromise. Therefore I didn’t even begin to think how the collection will look and just focused on all the rest.

one morning, two years ago, I woke up from a dream, one that you immediately know you must remember.

I dreamed I was exposing my new watch collection in a trade show abroad, which I manufactured through “Adi”, Israel’s leading watch company. Not only I suddenly understood who should manufacture the watches, I also so very clearly how they are supposed to look – the colors, shapes and materials.

On the same day I tried to contact “Adi”. In the beginning they were a bit skeptical about the designer calling about a watch collection, and I needed to explain I’m talking about a large scale collection the will be sold both locally and internationally. But after I met Sarit their CEO (it was great to find out they have a woman in the lead) things clicked and we began an exciting development process, which took over a year but was worth every moment of expectation.

“Adi” managed to locate the best manufactured for the watch parts – a factory which produces for some of the biggest names in designer watches. Since I insisted on incorporating natural oak wood into the watch backs, some special development was needed, but at the end of the process, and after many alterations were made – we received the watches for final assembly at “Adi” and soon after- at our offices.

At the end of the long process I have the watch collection I dreamed of – High quality and durable, with the liability of a reliable manufacturer and without having to compromise on my creative vision.

Despite the high production costs, I decided to price the watches at an approachable price, to enable all of my customers to enjoy them.

There are 12 different models in the collection in two sizes – 25 mm and 22 mm with a double wrapping strap.
The straps come in my favorite pastel colors and shades of grey, black and white. The metal parts are made of stainless steel and plated in a durable gold plating with a brushed finish. The watch panels are made of natural oak or come in a golden metallic finish.

To keep the look clean and simple, I chose not to put my entire logo on the front of the watch, just the triangle symbol which is part of it. The full logo appears on the back of the watch and on the buckle.

When the watches arrived and we took them for a photo shoot, it turned out they look even better combined with my jewelry. These days, when your cellular phone can also tell you the time, a watch is totally a fashion accessory.
I’m still trying to make my mind which style of watch I like most, and curious to find out which will be your favorite 🙂

You are invited to check out my entire watch collection, I hope you will like it!