Close your eyes for a second. Imagine a powder pink Californian desert, a ray of light and some green palm trees and cactuses.

Welcome to Palm Springs.

Photo from Square Space | Palm Springs, USA

Photo from Mechant Studio

Desert Necklace | Arizona Necklace | Paradise Bracelet | Andreas Earrings

Nevada Earrings | Mineral Necklace

In every collection there’s something that catches me at the beginning; a style, a material, a culture. This time I fell in love with a color palate. The desert nudes along with the greenish grey cactuses led me into the American resort town of Palm Springs and opened a world of inspiration for me.

Photo: Wilder California

Photo from Denofopulence tumblr

Tom Fereday

Photo from Beach House Life + Style

Creek Necklace | Tiki Earrings

You probably know the way I work by now, twice a year I stop everything, mess my studio and design a collection with a very clear concept.

Palm Springs felt like the proper summer inspiration.

I built an inspiration board with beautiful images of whiled nature and desert botany on one side, and mid century architecture on the the other side, and between them I added materials like fringes, suede, glass beads, and other bohemians references.

But first, a few words about the place:

Palm Springs is a resort town on Coachella Valley in California.

The town is known for it’s hot springs, stylish hotels and it’s unique modern architecture.

It was considered a wintry resort town for the LA celebrities in the 20’s and 30’s of the previous century, and was abandoned later on. Today it got it’s glory back as a retro luxury resort town.

The springsummer collection was designed around this theme. In it you will find references for a few different topics.

There is a line that was inspired by the local architecture. I especially like the iconic tiles and turned them into a necklace, earrings, a bracelet and a ring with a clean and geometric style.

Monroe Earrings | Monroe Necklace | Monroe Bracelet | Monroe Ring

Photo from A House in the Hills

Photo from Temple and Webster

Another line was inspired by the local materials and colors. The hammocks, the macrame, the interweaving and the desert stones were all translated into interesting jewelry that combines metals with other special materials that create a rich and interesting look.

Photo from The Girl Next Dior

Woven Necklace

Mojave Necklace | Arizona Earrings

The local cactuses got their own necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Photo from A Beautiful Mess

Tiny Cactus Necklace

A special line was dedicated to succulents, and the desert botanics were mentioned in the jewelry as well as in the photoshoot for this collection.

Succulent Necklace

The boho-chic trend, commonly found in the Coachella Festival style, became a central theme in the entire collection.

After designing the jewelry, I began designing all the elements that create the overall experience, in attempt to make you feel the same feeling I felt when I designed the collection.

We designed the logo in a retro style which is typical to the Palm Springs hotels.

We filled the shop display windows with huge cactuses we built ourselves from paper and in the catalog photo shots we made sure to use the color palette from my inspiration board.

And that’s it. An exciting new collection is making it’s way to you and I can’t wait for the moment when I run into one of you on the street wearing an item from the collection.

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I hope you will like my Palm Springs collection as much as I do!