After inviting my clients to visit the studio on the last collection launch, this time I decided to launch the new collection by hosting a group of local fashion bloggers.
The visit included a tour of the studio itself, yummy little nibbles and a short lecture from one of my favorite  life-style photographers – Efrat Lozanov, demonstrating the best way to shoot jewelry and create the perfect composition.



Efrat isn’t just a talented photographer, she is also the blogger behind  My Lovely Mess. During the past year she has been living in Bulgaria with her family where she holds photo-workshops especially tailored to women. I actually plan to join one of those and promise to dedicate a whole post to the special experience I’m bound to have there…
Luckily for us, Efrat had planned her visit home in just the right time, and shared with us some hugely important tips on how to take the best possible photo.
Efrat Lozanov
At the end of the fascinating lecture, the bloggers were invited to practice what Efrat preached and take some awesome pics themselves. All of us at the studio made sure the place was packed full of lovely little accessorize so that the bloggers could just pick & choose the pieces, accessories and even snacks they wanted to pair together and create beautiful images, packed full of taste and talent.
שני ספיבק מ- Blond Bleach בפעולה
שני ספיבק וספי ארליך



צילום: מורן הרוש מהבלוג Cupcake of Glam
אורי פישמן מהבלוג גומות





צילום: לובה שרגא מהבלוג Fashion Tails
It’s not every day I get to host such a talented bunch of ladies with an exquisite taste. I must point out that they arrived dressed just the way you would expect fashion bloggers to dress so I couldn’t help but find myself looking and admiring their carefully crafted looks.
הדר ליברוס מ- Libera


לובה שרגא מ- Fashion Tails
מורן הרוש
If these pics make you want to see more, you are more than welcome to follow their blogs and Instagram accounts just like I do:
ספי ארליך


צילום: ספי ארליך מהבלוג Way2Yellow





צילום: שני ספיבק


צילום: אלינור ברטל
Can’t wait for another opportunity to invite everyone back to the studio.