It’s that unbelievably exciting moment again when my new collection, that I’ve been working on for months is finally coming out into the world.
Usually picking the collection’s name is the final step I the work process but this time it was the other way around. the name was actually the very first thing that jumped into my head – RAINFOREST followed immediately by a clear image of a green forest, all tangled and magical and rich with imageries.
Lori Rocks


I always enjoy designing a new collection, but this time, as it turned out, I’d chosen a theme that simply excited and thrilled me. I loved diving in to the subject matter and dealing with unique, colorful and textured materials.



I first started out with building an inspiration board. I searched and searched for images of far away forests and turned every Pinterest stone. the board greeted me each and every morning as I reached the studio and put in that ever elusive design mood. Besides pictures, I also pinned different materials I found and the collection’s color pallet – mostly different shades of green (no surprises here) with touched of other accent colors.


Photo by emblatame (Ron) on Flicker


The collection is divided into three main lines.
the first is inspired the botanical elements hiding away in the rainforests. I was completely blown away by graphic nature of the different leaves and tropical plants and created leaf and fern-like pieces.


VSCO, photo by Lisa Dominguez

Photo by Chenkuntsan on Flicker | Earth Shots, Photo by Bill McFall
This is not my life forever



The second line is inspired by the rich wildlife in the forests – including exotic birds of all kinds, insects and more.
I found myself flooded with an unbelievable array of imageries. I started to slowly think about far away tribes living inside the rainforests and from that tribal asthetics another line was born, including more colorful pieces, mixing materials and combining both geometric and primitive styles.




National Geographic, photo by Justin Guarig
National Geographic Brazil, Photo by Martin Schoeller


Trek Earth, Amazon Girls by Paker




So now it’s finally time to send these most beloved items straight from my studio desk to you all. I hope you’ll like them, like you always have before, and wear them off course!
To view the entire collection you are most welcomed to click here or you can have a look through my Pinterest board.