Someone who doesn’t know me for a very long time would never guess I was the lead singer in a rock band way back in my high school years.
I listened to rock, loved it and my role model style inspiration at the time way Liv Tyler on Aerosmith’s video for “crazy”.

The years went by and my style drew quite far from there, towards the more dainty and elegant side, but wait often I find myself wanting to be a bit more edgy and cool and reconnect with the rocker that still lives somewhere inside of me.


PJ Harvey |
Amy Winehouse | Etsy


Debbie Harry | Super Seventies


The theme I chose for this season’s collection in the world of Rock. Choosing an inspiration which is quit detached from my natural style and everyday life was an intriguing challenge, and I was totally up for it!
Rocker Neclace | Rockstar Bracelet | Bono Ear Jacket Set
Finding the right balance between my dainty, minimal design aesthetic and the rough and toughness of rock wasn’t easy.
The color palette for this collection if fairly different as well, and focuses on the color black. It is incorporated into most of the items using different materials such as rubber,  FORMICA®, leather, crystals and more.


Harley Necklace | Harley Bracelet | Joni Earrings
Distortion Necklace | Long Distortion Necklace| Distortion Ear Climbers | Spike Bracelet


The fashion world has always been inspired by Rock n’ Roll and musicians have always used fashion as a mean of self expression.
Personally I found it interesting to re-explore the music, culture and lifestyle and try to create something fresh and new. Something you all would like to wear.
The Vintagologist


Prince | Vanity Fair


Fame Ring


Electric Bracelet
Long Stones Necklace
The names of the items in the collection pay tribute to great rock legends such as Jagger, Morrison and Hendrix, but apart from these, it was important for me to pay a special tribute to the late great David Bowie, one of my all time favorite artists and design a line dedicated to him. The line includes several items with Ziggy Stardust’s lightning icon.
David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust | Super Seventies


Ziggy Earrings


Ziggy Bracelet


Tiny Lightning Bracelet


I believe every new collection item can get a different interpretation by whoever gets to wear it and her own personal style.
You defiantly don’t have to be a tough rocker and wear all leather to go for one of the pieces. That’s what I love about jewelry, it only adds a little twist to your overall look.
So now, after I hopefully managed to arouse your curiosity, you are more than invited to view the whole collection here.