As we’re launching our new spring\summer collection, we want to tell you a bit about the fabulous model we choose this season.

This time we were searching for a gypsy look, a bohemian figure that will represent the true nature of the collection.

For a long time now, we shoot professional models for our catalogs, but this season we looked for something beyond a pretty face.

We searched for a charismatic, joyful character, someone that will inspire both you and us.

A true gypsy.

And then we remembered we already know a special gypsy from a few years ago, and it became clear that this season we’ll be shooting Yael Shoshana Cohen – a gifted beautiful singer, the lead vocalist of the band Lola Marsh.

Set aside her breathtaking beauty, Yael, in her essence, in her way of life, is all we imagined while looking at the collection.

You are invited to dive with us to the exiting nomadic lifestyle of the lead singer of Lola Marsh, while

turning on your speakers and listen to her amazing voice in the background >>

The band was founded in 2013, by Yael and Gil Landau.

They started as a due, and quickly they grew into a crew of five.

They were signed by Universal Music Group and represented by Anova Music in Israel, a great achievement to any musician.

Lola Marsh is a very busy, frequently played on top charts, worldwide touring indie pop band.

So here is a taste of our gypsy’s busy life:

She Tours a lot. Always looking for an adventure, one woman and four men, her best friends.

Together they spend long hours driving in a van, singing, chatting, playing and sometimes just enjoying the silence.

This is a quote from Yael’s personal Lola Marsh diary:

“Some thoughts…There are those first moments in the morning when I’m trying to remember where we are.

Almost everyday a different city, a different hotel, a different club.

Running late for breakfast, hours spent in the van, playing cards, Instagramming, beautiful landscape and fallen leaves like I have never seen before.

Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, Beautiful places in Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, and plenty more places I’ve forgotten.


18 Shows behind us, 6 more left to go (France, Turkey).

Scared to lose my voice, scared to be sick, scared to feel down when the tour is over after coming back home.

I love that we have an album to give after shows, I love that the guys help me with the flowers on stage (after instructions), I love it so much when the crowd is singing the lyrics to our songs.

My clothes already smell like the van, and there are a lot of tea bags I collect, scattered in my bag.

It’s an odd feeling but I feel at home when touring, an adventurous routine that makes me blossom.

Oh! and I broke the nail I use to play the ukulele!

The end!”

Admit it! she is something special, we fell in love.

So check out our new catalog, and get a ticket to one of Lola Marsh concerts.