If you’ve been following me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or on the website the past couple of months, you probably could spot that something new & sparkly is budding – Shlomit Ofir GOLD, a new line of solid gold rings.


Seven Stone Diamond Ring | טבעת 7 יהלומים


Seven Stone Diamond Ring | טבעת שלושה יהלומים קוניים גדולה


I’ve been literally planning and dreaming about this new line for years. It took a long time to grow into its own cohesive, clean, geometric, classic yet contemporary jewelry line, made entirely of solid gold and set with diamonds.


Triple Dot Ring | טבעת טריפל
For years I’ve been getting requests to design wedding rings: “My girlfriend loves your pieces so much and so I wanted to propose to her with a ring you designed”. When I first started out, I could actually comply to these requests, and so some of my loyal customers have been wearing my custom made rings, made especially for them for years now. But, as time passed, the workload became so great that it didn’t allow me to individually design engagement rings anymore. Still, it was clear to me that I had to find a way to be there for my customers in special moments like these too.


Thin Bow Ring | טבעת פפיון צרה


Princess Crown Ring | טבעת כתר מעוטר


Notch Ring | טבעת חריצים


Three Stone Solitaire Ring | טבעת סוליטר 3 יהלומים


Gold Tulum Ring | טבעת טולום


When I picked out mine and Aviv’s wedding bands it was clear to me that it was only a matter of time till I start designing gold rings. So I enlisted Michal, my studio manager, who’s a Bezalel Jewelry Design graduate and together we officially started to create the new gold line.


טבעת האירוסין הפרטית שלי, שבחר לי בן הזוג שלי
I also decided the new gold rings had to have their own uniquely designed box, so when you order one it will arrive in this beautiful velvet one. You already know me by now, the content of the box isn’t the only thing that has to look just right…
Square Signet diamond Ring | טבעת חותם מרובעת עם יהלום


Narrow Crown Ring | טבעת כתר צרה


Rhombus Diamond Ring | טבעת יהלום מעויין


Seven Stone Diamond Ring | טבעת 7 יהלומים
At the moment the line has a large selection of timeless wedding bands and engagement rings, suitable for someone who’s on the lookout for something a bit more flashy and pricey. Next on the agenda – expanding it to include more solid gold items.


Diamond Chevron Ring | טבעת וי עם יהלום


Diamond Cone Ring | טבעת יהלום קוני


Diamond Solitaire Ring | טבעת יהלום סוליטר
Seven Stone Diamond Ring | טבעת שלושה יהלומים קוניים גדולה


The rings are already available on my online shop and on Etsy.
We create every ring individually per order and during the last couple of weeks we’ve already had the privilege of creating a number of rings for some lucky brides or rather some excited looking guys getting ready for the big proposal, and I must admit I find it really moving.


Gold Tulum Ring | טבעת טולום


Thin Ring with a Twist | טבעת דקה עם טוויטס


Three Stone Solitaire Ring | טבעת סוליטר 3 יהלומים
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