I love fashion, love getting dressed in the morning and always try to make sure It’s current. As a jewelry designer, I’m sure it won’t come as a shock that I also always have the accessories to match 🙂
Yet you could say that normally my style is quite minimal. I absolutely love put-together basics with a single accessory to give it that extra touch.
But some days I feel like stepping away from my usual getups and create a look with lots of presence. One of my favorite ways to achieve that is by stacking.
Since I like to layer so much, I thought it might be a good idea to share my tips on how to stack and show everyone your fashion flair.
When I stack necklaces, I usually opt for the more delicate, dainty ones so that they don’t create a cluttered look. Choose different length necklaces of course, with small pendants that relate to one another. Want to amp things up? create more diversity with different necklace textures.


Tiny Cube Necklace


Hunter’s Arrow Necklace
Short Paper Boat Necklace | Long Paper Boat Necklace
Even though I usually go for the more delicate items, you can absolutely layer larger items too. Just make sure they work well together (personally I like to pick two necklaces from the same family that aren’t completely identical ) and that the overall look isn’t too in-your-face.
Short Bauhaus Necklace | Long Bauhaus Necklace
Long Woods Necklace | Short Woods Necklace
With bracelets I like to go big. If I feel like the Boho look I choose colorful bracelets and mix them up to create an undeniable presence.
Catalina Bracelets
If I happen to pick two identical bracelets, I’ll try and make sure they aren’t the same width so I won’t look repetitive. When combining wider bracelets or cuffs, I’ll usually wear no more than three at a time. Anymore will look like I’m trying to copy what I saw in magazine editorials.


Navy Bracelets
Another thing I really like to do is create a mix between different kinds of materials – metals, ropes, textile or leather can really upgrade one another. Also, when I pick thin bracelets I always wear loads of them together, five, six or even seven delicate bracelets go great together.
Aqua/Marine Bracelets | Navajo Bracelet
Mixing materials and colors with our Open Hunter’s Arrow Bracelet
With rings there are two basic ways to stack – you can either wear several rings on one finger or you can wear one on each of your fingers. Both are tré cool. Of course several rings – one finger is more conservative than the multiple rings – multiple fingers way.
Elsie from A Beautiful Mess wearing our Tulum Ring
When I stack rings I like to keep to the same color (Just gold or just silver) and mix it up with different styles and stone colors. By the way, black stone setting just happens to be my favorite these days.
Laura from The Band Wife blog wearing our Terra Ring
When it comes to rings, them being so small and all, you can really go wild with styles and designs – a romantic ring goes just great with a geometric one and stones work wonderful with smooth bands.


The art of stacking by @luba.shraga  with our Zita Ring


Don’t forget if you want to really complete the look you have to get a manicure.


Our January’s tagger of the month on Instagram @ilonakrash
Rings from the Cosmic Wonders Collection


Tulum Ring | Sailors Knot Ring | Larsen Ring | Navajo Ring | Cruz Ring


I’m really curious to see your own personal stacking choices.
Take a picture of it, tag me on Instagram and maybe you could be our tagger of the month and get an item as a gift.